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Why I created this website

I did this website because of my father. When I was going through some of the roughest years of my life (high school) my dad used to take me to the wrestling house shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The first house show I ever went to was in July, 1986 that featured then Intercontinental Champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage and his partner, "Adorable" Adrian Adonis going up against Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino in a steel cage match. On the undercard there was a battle royal which Jimmy Hart won (of course, he hid underneath the ring until there were only 2 men left in the ring).

Gorilla Monsoon was not exaggerating when he always said that you can watch wrestling on TV but you cannot capture the true electricity of an event like attending it live. My dad and I would take the #2 subway train from the Bronx and head down to 34th street Penn Station during the evening rush hour. At this time, the house shows usually ran from 8-11pm. On the way to the event, I'd hear other kids telling their parents that they were excited about some of the matches. This made me that much more excited.

When we'd arrive at the MSG main plaza, the place was buzzing with excitement. There were vendors selling programs, posters, foam fingers, teddy bears, ice cream and other merchandise. The entire lobby was just buzzing with excitement and we'd pass the box office where people were still trying to get tickets for the house show.

Once inside, everyone was so excited and you could feel the electricity so thick you could cut it with a knife (thanks, Gorilla). We'd walk out into the arena area and the usher would show us our seats. My dad gave him a tip of a few bucks in the old tradition of the boxing days. While we waited for the show to start, we'd listen to all the entrance themes of the WWF superstars and the excitement would just continue to build.

Ultimately, when Howard Finkel jogged into the ring and the spotlight shone on him, the crowd erupted as that was the cue that the card was about to begin. For the next 3 hours, it was just pure magic.

I'm very greatful to my dad for sacrificing his relaxation time after a hard day at work to take me to the wrestling cards. I will never forget that experience and it was the inspiration for me to create this site.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to leave comment. (Rude, abusive, or inappropriate comments will be immediately deleted).

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