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Survivor Series '96 Rebooked

Billy Gunn, Bradshaw, New Rockers


Bart Gunn, Bob Holly, Doug Furnas, Phil LaFon



  • Bradshaw def. Bob Holly with the clothesline from hell

  • New Rockers & Furnas & LaFon were all double DQ'd for excessive fighting

  • Bradshaw was DQ'd for clotheslining the referee

  • Billy Gunn def. Bart Gunn with the Famouser


The Undertaker def. Mankind with the tombstone piledriver.  During the match, Paul Bearer was suspended above the ring in a steel cage


Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Salvatore Sincere


Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Flash Funk, The Godwinns


  • Flash Funk def. Salvatore Sincere with the 360 splash from the top rope

  • British Bulldog def. Henry Godwinn with the running powerslam

  • Jerry Lawler def. Phineas Godwinn after hitting him with the slop bucket

  • Jake Roberts def. Jerry Lawler with the DDT

  • Owen Hart def. Jake Roberts with the sharpshooter

  • Flash Funk was counted out when he was attacked by Jim Cornette and the British Bulldog outside the ring


Bret "Hitman" Hart def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with the sharpshooter.  After the match, Steve Austin attacked Bret Hart until many officials came to break it up.


Rocky Miavia, Marc Mero, Savio Vega, "Psycho" Sid 


Farooq, Hunter Hurst Helmsley, Goldust, Crush


  • Savio Vega was counted out when he walked out on his team.  Sid accidentally kicked Vega in the face then Vega became upset.

  • Marc Mero def. Crush with the shooting star press from the top rope

  • Farooq def. Marc Mero with a powerslam after Dlo Brown attacked Mero outside the ring.

  • Sid was counted out when the entire Nation of Domination attacked him outside the ring.  Savio Vega returned to ringside to join NOD in attacking Sid.  Vega saluted his fist with the rest of the NOD and walked out with them.

  • Hunter Hurst Helmsley and Goldust were both counted out when they brawled all the way to the locker room.  Goldust was upset the Helmsley was saluting Marlena and that Marlena didn't mind.

  • Rocky Miavia def. Farooq with the Samoan drop


Vader def. Shawn Michaels (c) with the moonsault splash (for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Outside the ring, Jim Cornette attacked Jose Lothario.  Shawn Michaels went out the ring to help Lothario but was attacked by Vader then rammed into the steel ring post injuring his back.

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