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King of the Ring '88 Rebooked

  1. Bad News Brown def. Bret Hart via count-out after Jimmy Hart came to ringside and hit Hart with the megaphone while the referee was backing Brown away in the ring.

  2. Ted DiBiase def Jake Roberts.  Roberts nailed DiBiase with the DDT but Rick Rude entered the ring and delivered the Rude awakening on Roberts while Virgil distracted the referee.  Rude quickly dragged DiBiase on top of Roberts for the 3-count.

  3. Dino Bravo def. Don Muraco with the side suplex.

  4. Jim Duggan def. Rick Rude via count-out.  Rude was outside the ring when Roberts came to ringside with Damien and chased Rick Rude back to the dressing room.

  5. Bad News Brown def. Ted DiBiase.  DiBiase brought a suitcase full of money to the ring hoping to buy off Bad News.  Bad News took the briefcase and appeared to take the money.  Virgil started back to the dressing room with DiBiase still in the ring.  From behind, Bad News nailed DiBiase with the ghetto blaster then pinned him.  Afterward, he went back to the dressing room leaving the briefcase in the ring.

  6. Demolition (c) def. Strike Force when Smash injured Martel's leg with a chair.  Martel was not able to continue so Strike Force had to forfeit the match.  (No DQ match for the World Tag Team Championship).

  7. Jim Duggan def. Dino Bravo via DQ when Frenchy Martin hit Duggan with the Fleur-de-lys flagpole.  Afterward, Bravo delivered 3 side suplexes until many officials came to the ring to clear Bravo.

  8. Ultimate Warrior def. Hercules with the gorilla press slam.  Bobby Heenan was barred from ringside.

  9. Brutus Beefcake def. The Honky Tonk Man (c) via DQ when Ron Bass came to ringside to attack Beefcake with steel spurs. (for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship)

  10. Bad News Brown def. Jim Duggan.  Jim Duggan was visibly injured with tape wrapped around his lower back.  Duggan attempted a body slam but couldn't due to his injured back.  Brown quickly delivered the ghetto blaster for the win.

  11. Randy Savage (c) def. Andre The Giant via DQ.  Virgil and DiBiase came to ringside when Andre threw Savage out of the ring.  They attacked Savage until Hulk Hogan made a surprise appearance to clear Andre, DiBiase and Virgil.  (for the World Heavyweight Championship).

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