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Wrestlemania I Rebooked

  1. The Hart Foundation def. Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson via DQ when Johnson & Atlas continually double-teamed Bret Hart while ignoring the referee.  This was after Hart attempted to hit Johnson with a foreign object.

  2. King Kong Bundy def. The Junkyard Dog.  JYD was distracted by Jimmy Hart in the corner.  From behind Bundy nailed JYD with the avalanche/splash combination.

  3. Ricky Steamboat def. “The Magnificent” Muraco via DQ when Muraco attempted to use nunchucks on Steamboat.

  4. David & Bruno Sammartino def. Brutus Beefcake & Johnny Valiant when Sammartino made Valiant submit to the bearhug.

  5. Tito Santana def. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (c) via count-out when Santana delivered the flying forearm to Valentine knocking him out the ring (for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship).

  6. Ken Patera def. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka by reversing a flying body press from the top rope then holding Snuka’s tights for leverage.

  7. Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Shiek def. The US Express (Rotundo & Windham) (c) when the Shiek knocked out Windham with Fred Blassie’s cane (for the World Tag Team Championships)

  8. Andre “The Giant” def “Big” John Studd when he bodyslammed him.  This was a special body-slam challenge where Andre won $15,000 by slamming Studd.  Andre started to distribute the money to fans at ringside but Bobby Heenan stole the bag and went backstage. 

  9. Wendi Richter def. Lelani Kai (c) by reversing a flying cross-body attempt by Kai (for the World Women’s Championship)

  10. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T def. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff when Hogan ducked out of Bob Orton’s attempt to hit him with the cast.  Instead, Orton hit Orndorff - knocking him out. 




  • Eventually, President Jack Tunney ensured that Bobby Heenan gave the money to Andre as agreed in the contract.

  • Paul Orndorff appeared on Piper’s pit to discuss what happened at the Wrestlemania card.  Orndorff was brutally attacked by Piper and Orton until Hulk Hogan made the save and cleared both Piper and Orton.

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