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King of the Ring '91 Rebooked

  1. Bret "Hitman" Hart def. The Warlord via DQ when Slick hit Hart with the "W" scepter.  Afterward the Warlord put Hart in a full-nelson and didn't let go until many officials entered the ring.

  2. The Mountie def. The Big Bossman via countout when Jimmy Hart used the camel-prod to stun the Bossman as the Bossman was re-entering the ring.

  3. Ted DiBiase def. The Texas Tornado.  Sensational Sherri was on the ring apron and Tornado attempted to nail her with the discus punch but missed.  DiBiase rolled up Tornado from behind and pulled the tights.

  4. The Earthquake and Tugboat was a no-contest.  After Earthquake's entrance, Jimmy Hart announced that Earthquake was looking for a new tag team partner but Dino Bravo was no longer available.  Hart introduced Tugboat as Earthquake's partner but used the name "Typhoon."  Typhoon entered the ring wearing his new wrestling outfit and not the sailor outfit.  Hart named them "The Natural Disasters."

  5. Power and Glory (c) def. the Rockers.  Marty Jannetty was Irish-whipped by Hercules into the ropes but accidentally ran into Shawn Michaels who was on the ring apron looking at the fans.  Michaels fell to the arena floor while Power and Glory performed the superplex/splash maneuver on Jannetty.  After the match, the Rockers had a discussion but embraced each other afterward. (for the World Tag Team Championships).

  6. Bret "Hitman" Hart def. The Mountie with a small package as the Mountie was distracted by the Bossman coming to ringside.

  7. The British Bulldog def. Mr. Perfect (c) via DQ when the Coach entered the ring to attack the Bulldog after the Bulldog delivered the power-slam on Perfect. (for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship).

  8. The Undertaker def. The Ultimate Warrior via countout when Jake Roberts DDT'd the Warrior outside the ring.  Jake Roberts had escorted the Warrior to the ring to teach him "the secrets of the dark side."  Afterward, Jake Roberts and The Undertaker continued to attack the Warrior until many officials arrived to break it up.

  9. Bret "Hitman" Hart def. Ted DiBiase.  Sensational Sherri attacked Hart outside the ring while DiBiase was in the ring.  From behind, Virgil came to ringside and knocked out DiBiase with the Million Dollar Belt.  When Hart recovered, he applied the sharpshooter on DiBiase.

  10. Hulk Hogan (c) def. Sgt. Slaughter with the atomic leg drop.  (No DQ Bootcamp match for the World Heavyweight Championship).  The "Triangle of Terror" were visibly arguing after the match as they walked to the dressing room.

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