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Survivor Series '94 Rebooked

Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, The Heavenly Bodies


The British Bulldog, Adam Bomb, Smoking Gunns


  • Bulldog def. Tom Pritchard with the power slam

  • Jim Neidhart def. Billy Gunn with a power slam

  • Owen Hart def. Adam Bomb with the sharpshooter

  • Bart Gunn def. Jimmy Del Rey with the DDT

  • Owen Hart def. Bart Gunn with a spinning heel kick

  • British Bulldog def. Jim Neidhart with the powerslam

  • Owen Hart def. British Bulldog via countout due to Jim Neidhart attacking Bulldog outside the ring


Doink def. Jerry "The King" Lawler with a small package.  As stipulated Lawler had to bow before Doink


Razor Ramon, The 123 Kid, Mabel, Sparkplug Holly


Jeff Jarrett, IRS, Shawn Michaels, Diesel


  • Diesel def. Bob Holly with the power bomb

  • Diesel defl 123 Kid with the power bomb

  • Diesel was counted out when he chased Shawn Michaels back to the dressing room after Michaels accidentally kicked Diesel in the face.  Michaels did not return to the match

  • Razor Ramon def. Jeff Jarrett with the fall-away slam

  • IRS def. Mabel using leverage from the ropes

  • Razor Ramon def. IRS with the Razor's edge


Bob Backlund def. Bret "Hitman" Hart (c) when Owen Hart convinced his mother to throw in the towel to forfeit the match for Bret Hart (for the World Heavyweight Championship)


The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Headshrinkers


Yokozuna, King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka


  • Lex Luger def. Tatanka with the funning forearm

  • Bam Bam Bigelow def. Fatu with a headbutt from the top rope

  • Yokozuna def. Seone with a leg drop

  • Undertaker def. Bam Bam Bigelow with a flying clothesline

  • King Kong Bundy def. Lex Luger with the avalanche as Ted DiBiase held Luger by the tights in the corner

  • King Kong Bundy was DQ'd when he knocked down the referee as he splashed the Undertaker 3 times

  • Undertaker def. Yokozuna with a flying clothesline



  • Bret Hart was so disgusted with Owen Hart that he challenged him to a once-and-for-all submission match at Royal Rumble

  • Undertaker and King Kong Bundy started a major feud

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