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King of the Ring '87 Rebooked

  1. Randy Savage def. Paul Orndorff with a cradle from behind as Orndorff was distracted by Heenan on the ring apron.

  2. Jim Duggan def. The Iron Shiek with the flying clothesline.

  3. Jake Roberts def. Hercules.  Hercules had Roberts in the torture rack while the referee was knocked down.  Then, Billy Jack Haynes snuck up behind Hercules then hit him with a chair.  Roberts fell on top of Hercules for the pin.

  4. King Kong Bundy def. Brutus Beefcake with the avalanche when Johnny Valiant held Beefcake's tights while Beefcake was in the corner.  The referee was distracted by Heenan being on the ring apron.

  5. The Hart Foundation (c) and Killer Bees were both counted out.  Bret Hart took the Bees' masks then the Bees chased him around ringside.  Neidhart joined them outside the ring and they all brawled until they were counted out. (for the World Tag Team Championships)

  6. Randy Savage def. Jim Duggan via count-out when Savage hit Duggan with his 2x4 outside the ring.

  7. Jake Roberts def. King Kong Bundy via DQ when the referee caught Heenan in the ring with brass knuckles.

  8. Honky Tonk Man def. Ricky Steamboat (c) by reversing a small package attempt leveraging the ropes. (for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship).

  9. Demolition def. The Islanders.  Tama hit Smash with the flying splash while the referee was distracted.  From behind, Mr. Fuji hit Tama with his cane and put Smash on top of Tama.

  10. Randy Savage def. Jake Roberts by cradling Roberts in the corner and leveraging the ropes.

  11. Hulk Hogan (c) def. Harley Race with the atomic leg drop (for the World Heavyweight Championship).

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