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King of the Ring '86 Rebooked

  1. George Steele def. Jake Roberts via count-out.  During the match, Jake mocked Ricky Steamboat which prompted Steamboat to appear at ringside.  Roberts and Steamboat confronted each other outside the ring but Roberts lost track of the referee's count.

  2. Big John Studd def. JYD with the bearhug.  JYD was distracted by Heenan on the ring apron while Studd snuck up from behind and put JYD into the bearhug.

  3. Hercules def. Ricky Steamboat.  While Hercules distracted the referee, Roberts entered the ring and DDT'd Steamboat.  Hercules then pinned Steamboat.

  4. Paul Orndorff def. Magnificent Muraco.  Muraco held Orndorff while Mr. Fuji attempted to hit Orndorff with his cane.  Mr. Fuji hit Muraco instead, knocking him out.

  5. Tito Santana def. Randy "Macho Man" Savage (c) via DQ when Savage attacked special referee Bruno Sammartino after a "slow" 2-count.  (for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship)

  6. Big John Studd def. George "The Animal" Steele with a power slam.

  7. Paul Orndorff def. Hercules with a small package.  Hercules attempted to hit Orndorff with his chain while Bobby Heenan distracted the referee.  Hercules missed then Orndorff caught him in the small package.

  8. The British Bulldogs (c) def. The Dream Team in a 2-out-of-3 falls match (for the World Tag Team Championship)

    1. Fall 1:  Greg Valentine def. The Dynamite Kid when Beefcake delivered a high-knee to the back of Dynamite's head.  Dynamite was distracted by Luscious Johnny V on the ring apron.

    2. Fall 2:  Davey Boy Smith def. Brutus Beefcake with the power slam.

    3. Fall 3:  Dynamite Kid def. Greg Valentine with a flying headbutt off the top rope.

  9. Paul Orndorff def. Big John Studd.  Heenan got on the ring apron with brass knuckles.  Orndorff beat up Heenan and got the knuckles.  He then hit Studd with them as the referee cleared Heenan from the ring.

  10. Hulk Hogan (c) def King Kong Bundy in a steel cage (for the World Heavyweight Championship).  Studd appeared at ringside and prevented Hogan from climbing down the cage.  Orndorff came to ringside and brawled with Studd allowing Hogan to escape the cage.  After the match, all 4 men brawled outside the ring until many officials broke the men apart.

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