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King of the Ring '97 Rebooked

  1. Ahmed Johnson def. Farooq with the Pearl River plunge

  2. Hunter Hurst Helmsley def. Goldust with the pedigree

  3. British Bulldog def. Mankind with the powerslam after Owen Hart tripped Mankind on the ring apron

  4. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart via DQ when Bret Hart attacked Austin outside the ring

  5. Owen Hart def. Rocky Miavia (c) with the splash from the top rope after Jim Neidhart powerslammed Miavia (for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship)

  6. Hunter Hurst Helmsley def. Ahmed Johnson when Johnson attempted a suplex from the ring apron but Helmsley fell on top of Johnson when Chyna pulled Johnson's leg out from under him.  During the pinfall, Chyna held down Johnson's leg

  7. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. the British Bulldog with the stunner after Owen Hart mistakingly hit the Bulldog with a steel chair

  8. Shawn Michaels def. Vader with the superkick.  After the match, Vader shook Michael's hand but Jim Cornette became upset when he did so.  Cornette slapped Vader then ran to the dressing room when Vader threatened to hit him.

  9. Hunter Hurst Helmsley def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin by countout when the entire Hart Foundation attacked Austin outside the ring while Chyna distracted the referee

  10. The Undertaker (c) def. "Psycho" Sid with the tombstone piledriver (for the World Heavyweight Championship)

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