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Royal Rumble '89 Rebooked

  1. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def. Dino Bravo in a flag match when Frenchy Martin hit Bravo by mistake with his flag

  2. StrikeForce def. Demolition (c) via countout (for the World Tag Team Championship). Demolition had a disagreement with Mr. Fuji outside the ring as they did not want to re-injure Rick Martel.  Demolition walked off to the locker room while Mr. Fuji waved the Powers of Pain to come to ringside.  The Powers of Pain attempted to attack Martel but Strike Force was able to fight them off.  Mr. Fuji left the arena with the Powers of Pain.

  3. "Ravishing" Rick Rude and the Ultimate Warrior competed in a Super Posedown when Rick Rude attacked Warrior with the pumping stick

  4. The Mega Powers def. The Twin Towers when Hulk Hogan def. Akeem with the atomic leg drop.  Earlier, Randy Savage was thrown out of the ring onto Elizabeth by Akeem.  Hogan brought Elizabeth back to the First Aid unit while the match continued.  Savage assumed Hogan abandoned him then smacked Hogan in the face when Hogan attempted a tag later in the match.

  5. Big John Studd won the Royal Rumble by last eliminating Ted DiBiase. 




  • On a TV taping, Andre the Giant confronted Big John Studd about who was the real king of the battle royals.  As Studd was distracted by Bobby Heenan Andre attacked Studd from behind with headbutts.  Afterward, Studd was so enraged that he passed up his privilege to a title match at Wrestlemania to get a match with Andre.

  • Randy Savage wanted Hogan to face him at Wrestlemania.  Savage claimed that he beat everyone that Hogan beat and the only thing left to do was to beat Hogan himself.

  • Demolition became a face team while the Powers of Pain became heels.

  • Ultimate Warrior was so enraged with Rick Rude that he demanded a match at Wrestlemania where the title was on the line.

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